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Harbor Baby Monitor
Presales Come with an Extended Free Trial of Harbor's Remote Night Nanny

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The Most Reliable Baby Monitoring System

Restore Your Sleep & Sanity

Harbor works with and without the internet connection, ensuring continuous monitoring of your little one.

End-to-end encrypted with on-device storage makes Harbor the most secure baby monitor on the market.

Harbor Baby Monitor

10" Dedicated Monitor

Streams locally up to 2k, connecting with up to 4 cameras with split pane viewing. Control zoom & volume of each feed independently. Optional Smart Audio enables you to hear only what matter. It also double as a digital picture frame when not in use!

Harbor Baby Monitor

High-Quality Camera

Superior quality with enhanced night vision capabilities allows you to see your child whenever you need to (with less Infrared light shining on your child). Portable and built for travel with a simple mount that unscrews easily from your wall!

Harbor Baby Monitor Mobile app

Mobile & Desktop App

Check in on your child from anywhere knowing your data is secure through end-to-end encryption, 30 days of moments, custom guest access and passes, and record and rewind (plus features a picture-in-picture feature to watch while you work!)

Harbor Parents

"I didn't think my baby or I would ever sleep again. After only using Harbor for one night, I can say this is a life changing experience. I can finally and truly rest."

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Jaclyn B.

“I have to say the entire experience has been nothing short of incredible! My 9 month old was not sleeping and we didn’t know what to do. By night 2 with Harbor, he was sleeping through the night. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the results."

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Merima B.

“Harbor gave me immediate peace of mind as a new mom. The gift of sleep is the honestly the best thing ever. I'm getting more sleep, my baby is getting more sleep - I can't recommend this enough."

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Gracie L.

Experience Peace of Mind with Our Cutting-Edge Monitor

Our products are designed to the highest quality and safety standards. You don't have to rely on an app to monitor your child and have the best of all systems with Harbor.

  • Secure & Reliable Icon

    & Reliable

    While home, communication takes place locally, safeguarded by end-to-end encryption.

  • Works with and without Wifi Icon

    Works With or
    Without Internet

    Harbor ensures constant connectivity, even if your internet goes out, so you never lose sight of your little one.

  • Failsafe Notifications Icon


    Receive notifications and alerts on your monitor and app if your camera disconnects for any reason.

  • Smart Audio Icon


    Optional smart thresholds for noise, motion, and time, reducing unnecessary disturbances.

Our Groundbreaking Software is a
for Parents

Join us on our journey to make parenting easier, safer, and healthier.

Comparison Chart showing legacy monitors, wifi cameras vs Harbor system. Harbor checks off all categories: local monitoring, access anywhere, always on failsafe notifications, record/rewind, two-way communications, use for travel, view up to 4 kids

Harbor Care Team Services

Harbor RN, Kelly talking to family on a laptop virtually at desk

Remote Night Nanny

An optional service, Harbor's Night Nannies bring the expertise and relief of in home night nannies to all parents at a fraction of the cost. These infant care experts can remotely monitor your child, alerting you when they need you while letting you get much better sleep. Our Care Team can only view your feed when you explicitly grant access.

  • Eyes on expert care all night
  • Sleep training & schedules
  • Failsafe Alerts
Expertise is One Text Away

Harbor Sleep & Wellness Coach

Harbor offers parents a $9 monthly subscription service connecting you with experienced pediatric nurses and infant care experts. Purchase of Harbor Baby Monitor not required.

  • Enjoy the convenience of seeking advice through text communication.
  • Get valuable insights on sleep, feeding, and postpartum challenges, contributing to a well-rounded understanding of your child's well-being.
  • Benefit from expert insights customized to address your specific concerns.
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