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Harbor vs. Nanit

There are many differences, but the most fundamental problem parents face with Nanit is the absence of a dedicated monitor and its reliability. Harbor is here to ensure your peace of mind with a dedicated 10" Monitor, failsafe notifications, and unparalleled reliability.

Harbor Baby Monitor System

Harbor vs. Nanit: Dive into the Specifics

Reliance on Internet

Want to travel with Nanit? Think again.

Harbor works with or without internet or your WiFi network, ensuring you never lose connection. This means you can easily take Harbor on-the-go without needing to connect to hotel or third-party WiFi.

Nanit will always require parents to leverage a known WiFi network, making portability virtually impossible. If your internet goes down (or you can't connect for some reason), you will not be able to monitor your child or be alerted that you’ve lost connection. This means at almost any hotel, anywhere in the world (or a relative's home with poor WiFi) you won't be able to use it.

  • Nanit App

    Works With & Without Internet

  • nanit app

    WiFi Only

    *This is a screenshot we have experienced as users of their product.

Image Quality

Streaming and image quality is important because the purpose of a baby monitor is to be able to see your kids.

Harbor's dedicated 10" Monitor streams up to 2k resolution, ensuring a high fidelity image that keeps your child in clear view.

In comparison, they stream up to 1080p resolution on a cellphone at best and almost always will stream at a lower resolution as it is constantly reliant on signal strength.

With Harbor, the Monitor streams up to 2k resolution and the stream never leaves your home unless you are outside your home, checking in remotely, promoting faster, higher quality images.

  • Harbor Baby

    Streams up to 2k

    • Details in clothing are more visible (see zipper and nose)
    • Lower-intensity IR lights for better, deeper sleep
    • Harbor's image quality will only improve over the next 6 months
  • Nanit Baby

    Streams up to 1080p

    • No visible detail on clothing
    • Higher IR lights shining to crease contrast, almost certainly impacting sleep quality
    • Highly unlikely any additional improvement for quality can come from Nanit's best 1080p

Infrared Lights

Most experts agree, less infrared light (IR) is better for our kids.

While research is not conclusive, many experts agree that less infrared light (IR) is better for our kids. We think parents should have the choice to use less IR on their children's eyes!

Harbor uses substantially fewer and lower intensity IR LED lights. They use 4x 850nm IR LEDs while Harbor uses 2x 940nm at lower intensity. Lights at night can interfere with sleep.

What's the difference between 850nm and 940nm? The lower the nanometers (nm), the more visible to the eye. This means with Nanit, your child's eyes are exposed to more and brighter/higher-intensity IR LEDs than Harbor.*


    2 IR Lights


    4 IR Lights

*Pictures were taken with an iPhone 13 at 18” away without any exposure or ‘live’ settings. LEDs appear more ‘red’ than this image to the naked eye, but they appear slightly purple due to the iPhone’s image sensors.

Guest Access

Stop worrying about who has access to your camera feed.

Harbor has robust, privacy-first guest and caregiver access. You can hand the Harbor Monitor to a babysitter and never worry about their access again or leverage customizable guest passes for remote and in-app access by the hour, day, or recurring schedule.

They require all caregivers to download their app and accept your invitation. You then have to manage guest permissions on an ongoing basis (so if you forget to manually remove a guest, they will still have access to the camera feed.) Or you have to leave one of your mobile devices unlocked (giving that user full access to all of your apps and information) so they can watch your feed.

  • Harbor App

    Guest Access with Schedules

    Utilize day passes, weekly schedules, and expiration dates with Harbor's guest access.

  • Nanit App

    Limited Guest Capability

    No expiration dates and more hassle to add guests to your feed.

Harbor vs. Nanit: Overview

Harbor vs nanit comparison chart

Works With or
Without Internet

Harbor works with or without internet or your WiFi network. They will always require parents to leverage the internet. This makes traveling difficult and security unreliable.


Harbor offers parents failsafe notifications from a dedicated Monitor. In comparison, they require you to use a mobile application running in the background 24/7, your phone acts as the monitor and sends only push notifications, which can easily be missed, especially if your phone dies or has app crash issues.

Expert Care

Leveraging Harbor’s platform, we offer all night long, eyes-on expertise in a secure environment through our Remote Night Nanny service. No other baby monitor offers this!

Secure and Private
(No Cloud)

While you’re inside your home, your Harbor stream doesn’t leave your device. They route your feed and store your footage in their cloud (meaning you have no idea where your data lives). With Harbor, the only time your stream leaves your house is when you use our app outside the home or if you grant Harbor access to it for support or expert care.

and Portability

Harbor is plug-and-play wherever you’re traveling, whether you’re in a hotel, a location with poor WiFi, or somewhere without WiFi altogether. In contrast, they cannot be used in hotels and certain locations where access gateways block you from adding devices like cameras to networks. If you travel somewhere with no WiFi, it is impossible to use it.

No Multiple or
Tiered Memberships

Your Harbor Membership covers everything. You get unlimited access to all Harbor features and there are no additional charges for more than one child. They require you to add additional subscription tiers for most of their features or storage throughout the duration of use.

Price Comparison

See how Harbor pricing compares.

Price Comparison: Harbor vs. Nanit

(As of April 2024)

Experience Peace of Mind with Our Cutting Edge Monitor

Our products are designed to the highest quality and safety standards. You don't have to rely on an app to monitor your child and have the best of all systems with Harbor.

  • Secure & Reliable Icon

    and Reliable

    While home, communication takes place locally, safeguarded by end-to-end encryption.

  • Works with and without Wifi Icon

    Works With or
    Without Internet

    Harbor ensures constant connectivity, even if your Wi-Fi or internet go out, so you never lose sight of your little one.

  • failsafe notifications icon


    Receive notifications and alerts on your Monitor and app if your Camera disconnects for any reason.

  • Failsafe Notifications Icon


    Optional smart thresholds for noise, motion, and time, reducing unnecessary disturbances.