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10 Reasons Harbor is the Most Reliable,
Secure Monitor on the Market

From failsafe notifications to smart audio and no membership tiers, Harbor was built to give new parents everything they want in a baby monitor, and then some.

At Harbor, we’re setting out to redefine early parenthood with tools and access to information that nurtures happier parents and healthier families, one restful night at a time. Security, reliability, and quality are our guiding lights. As parents ourselves, we know that raising children comes with an endless cascade of stressors. Raising a child is wonderful, but it’s ok to acknowledge that it’s also hard! The right tools and a better night’s sleep can make it a lot easier.

We created Harbor because “good enough” doesn’t cut it. That’s why our monitor offers everything you need and features you hadn’t thought to ask for. And we’re not just talking about one or two things. Do you remember the magic of discovering features over the years on your iPhone that now you can’t imagine not having? Get ready to be pleasantly surprised!

Here are ten of the things that make Harbor the most reliable, secure baby monitor on the market:

1. Reliability

Harbor’s dedicated Monitor works with or without the internet and can securely connect to the cloud if you want to authorize remote viewing. This means you won’t accidentally or unknowingly lose access to your video feed. Don’t monitor your monitoring… you can rest easy knowing that it just works.

2. Failsafe Notifications

Because Harbor works locally and with Wi-Fi, you’ll always have access to your video feed, even if your internet or WiFi goes out. If there’s anything you need to be aware of, like a low battery, Harbor is built with failsafes to give you a heads up. Any loss of connection will alert you in ways you can’t miss. WiFi-app based cameras just can’t do that and never will be able to.

3. High-Quality Day and Night Vision

Our high-quality video feed offers a crystal clear picture of your child’s room both locally and with Wi-Fi. We’ve invested heavily in night vision, cutting back on infrared light usage without compromising on video clarity or speed. 

4. Access to Expert Support

Harbor doesn’t just sell you a Monitor; we become part of your village. Access our professional, vetted Remote Night Nannies, Lactation Consultants, and infant care experts around your schedule with questions or concerns about your child’s development or your needs as a parent.

5. It’s Built for Maximum Security, Privacy, and Control

Unlike other monitors, Harbor doesn’t store your camera’s images or audio in our cloud (or a third-party cloud, for that matter). With Harbor, your data is stored on YOUR Camera with end-to-end encryption, ensuring that you have exclusive access. If you are inside your house on your Harbor Monitor or App, your footage doesn’t leave your house. If you’re accessing it remotely via the secure Harbor App, we’re still not storing your footage. It’s all yours.

6. Built with Travel in Mind

Because Harbor doesn’t rely on external Wi-Fi networks, it actually works when you’re traveling — even at a hotel! Harbor’s Camera communicates directly with its Monitor, Mobile App, and Desktop App so you can take it anywhere.

7. Beautiful Quality

For us, quality is just as important as reliable and secure monitoring. Harbor’s Camera and Monitor are premium devices that look the part. No need to put your Monitor away when company comes over! (If anything, you’ll want to keep it out. When you’re not using it to monitor your child, it can double as a digital picture frame!)

8. Smart Audio

For children over one year, Harbor offers customizable smart thresholds for noise and motion, reducing unnecessary disturbances. There’s no need for your Monitor to wake you if your child is happily babbling to themselves at 2am!

9. Monitor Wake and Sleep Settings

Because a sleep Monitor should help parents rest easy, too, Harbor’s Monitor remains dark during sleep hours and wakes up to notify you when you’re needed.

10. No Subscription Tiers

Your Harbor Membership includes everything you need without any nickel and diming. You’ll get access to all of our features and benefits, including storing moments for up to 30 days, Smart Audio, and access to Remote Night Nannies, from the jump.

*Note: Your Harbor Membership includes access to Remote Night Nannies, Lactation Consultants, but each service has different per use costs.

While these are the ten features we’re most proud of,
it doesn’t stop there.

Harbor makes it easy to grant and revoke guest access and even allows you to set schedules for regular nannies or babysitters; no more handing over your username and password to a babysitter! If your child needs you, you can be alerted via push notification, SMS, phone call, email, or Apple Watch haptic alert (yes, really).

Ready to learn more? Be among the first to try Harbor today.