Embracing Restful Nights and Happy Families: Meet Your Sleep Advocate at Harbor

Greetings! My name is Kelly, and I’m here to help your family get sleep and sanity. Whether you’re getting ready to have your first child or you have several at home already, I am eager to help with anything we can. In addition to being Harbor’s Director of Nursing, I’m a wife, a mother to two beautiful children, and a passionate advocate for maternal and pediatric health. I’m thrilled to connect with you on your parenting journey.

In my role at Harbor, I’m responsible for the daily care of all Harbor families. I create all of the sleep plans that are part of our Sleep & Wellness coaching, I support our Lactation Consultants, and I oversee our Remote Night Nanny services along with working with families directly. 

With 12 years of pediatric nursing experience and firsthand experience as a mother, I deeply understand the ups and downs of raising children. As a night nurse and sleep trainer, I have witnessed the life-changing benefits of quality sleep. In my work, I meet families where they are, making recommendations for feeding and sleep training that make sense for their unique needs based on science and time tested techniques, not the latest fads.

While I was born on the East Coast, I now have Texan roots and embrace the warmth and community that defines this great state. It’s this sense of connection that I hope to nurture at Harbor, creating a space for families to find support, understanding, and the innovative sleep technology they need to thrive.

Maternal mental wellness is another cornerstone of my advocacy. I am committed to fostering an environment where mothers and parents can prioritize their well-being. Grief and loss are topics close to my heart, and I aspire to be a source of comfort and education for those navigating these challenging experiences.

I am eager to share my insights, tips, and experiences with you through Harbor as we grow. Together, we can create a community that not only reimagines happier families but also celebrates the beauty of restful nights.

Whether you struggle with getting your child to sleep through the night or need assistance with feeding, Harbor is here to support you. Our goal is to help you achieve peaceful nights and equip you with the confidence to handle any challenge parenthood throws your way. Thank you for trusting Harbor to support your family! It is such a privilege to support families on their journeys.

- Kelly Brown