Harbor’s 2024 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Welcome to Harbor's Mother's Day Gift Guide, curated with love by the moms on our team. This special day is a celebration of the incredible mothers in our lives, and what better way to honor them than with thoughtful gifts. Sleep is a big deal for us at Harbor (no surprise there), so we've curated a selection of gift ideas aimed at enhancing sleep quality for every mom to enjoy, plus a few fun extras.

Harbor’s Baby Monitor 

Give mom the gift of sleep! Harbor offers the first and only baby monitoring system with a dedicated, local Monitor that works without internet and securely connects to the cloud if and when you want it to. Our baby Monitor offers unparalleled reliability and quality, helping to restore sleep and sanity. Plus get access to Harbor’s Remote Night Nannies that will give mom much needed rest through eyes-on expert care.

Newborn Nightingales, In-Home Night Nanny  (DFW, Houston)

Newborn Nightingales is a beacon of hope for new parents seeking quality in-home newborn nursing care and education. Our friend and Harbor Council member, Melissa O’Neill and her team are dedicated to nurturing a calm and caring environment for both baby and parents.

Hatch Restore 2

Listed as a ‘must have’ by our sleep experts at Harbor, this adult version of the Hatch is similar to the kid’s version but boasts all the bells and whistles. Sleep the way nature intended with a gentle sunrise and gentle alarms, all rolled into one beautiful dream machine. 


Our team at Harbor loves the WHOOP wearable. WHOOP monitors your sleep quality, activity, and recovery to paint a complete picture of your body’s needs. You can use WHOOP’s biometric data to make decisions about workoutsand sleep. Quantifying your body’s recovery can help you recharge and optimize your sleep to better cope with the stress of parenthood.

Mantra Sleep Masks

The Manta Sleep Mask ensures unparalleled darkness, promoting deep and restful sleep experiences. Its zero eye pressure design and customizable fit cater to various sleeping positions, ensuring a blissful night's rest.

Cozy Earth Pajama Set

There's nothing more inviting than slipping into Cozy Earth’s Pajama Set. Designed from a soft stretch-knit fabric, it offers exceptional breathability and a luxurious drape, ensuring a comfortable night's sleep. This lightweight set keeps you cool throughout the night, thanks to its cooling properties that surpass cotton. 

100 Senses Body Float

Gift mom sensory bliss with the 100 Senses Body Float, providing unparalleled comfort, support, and relaxation.

Gifts for Every Mom

Oak and Luna Jewelry

A team favorite! Mom will love the customizable Pillar Bar Necklace.

Mommy and Me Line Portrait

A heartfelt gift for the most special woman in your life! Watercolor portraits crafted from your cherished photograph, meticulously hand-drawn by skilled artists will bring a special smile to mom’s face. 

Gifts For the Expecting Moms!


Milkify turns breast milk into a shelf-stable powder that lasts for three years on the shelf. Their patented process retains the nutrients without ever thawing or touching your milk. A great gift for an expectant mom! 

Miracle Milkookies

Every cookie is handcrafted with brewer's yeast, oats, and flaxseed. This 'Miracle' milk-boosting combo has worked for generations to help mamas boost their milk supply naturally. 

Swehl Breastfeeding 

Absolutely everything mom will need from day one, minus the hours (and hours) of research. Made from sustainable materials, aesthetically pleasing and with tools that last well beyond the newborn phase.

Newton Living

As sleep experts, Newton Living has created so many incredible products: cribs, mattresses, bedding, pregnancy pillows, and more! Most loved for their crib mattress that is not only safer, but also more comfortable! Because safe sleep is the best sleep.

Rest. Easy. 

At Harbor, we deeply understand the challenges parents face in gaining more sleep. This handpicked gift guide will significantly enhance the quality of sleep for both new and experienced mothers, with benefits extending to the entire family. Happy Mother’s Day!