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Harbor Sleep & Wellness Coaching

Personalized, non-medical advice from experienced pediatric nurses and infant care experts

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  • Monthly subscription service for $9, connecting you with experienced pediatric nurses for early childhood 
  • Text in your questions about sleep, feeding, and early childhood challenges for personalized, non-medical advice
  • Enjoy unlimited texting and the option for scheduled video calls to get expert guidance
  • Parenthood's uncertainties are easier with us by your side. Join today for professional support just a text away
  • Exclusive access to virtual, on-demand Lactation Consulting (charged separately)

Harbor Sleep & Wellness Coaching is a separate service from the Harbor Baby Monitor and Camera platform and does not reserve a spot in line in our waitlist.

Expertise is
One Text Away

Harbor offers parents a $9 monthly subscription service connecting you with experienced pediatric nurses and infant care experts. Text in your questions about sleep, feeding, and early childhood and postpartum challenges for personalized, non-medical advice.

Harbor Sleep & Wellness Coaching


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    Get Started

    Dedicated Registered Nurses and Infant-Care Experts are on standby to help you sleep like you did before you had a baby.

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    Meet Your Coach

    Choose an appointment for a virtual call with your dedicated Sleep & Wellness Coach and get ready to Rest. Easy.

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    Text Anytime

    Text with your dedicated Sleep & Wellness Coach anytime. Ask about sleep schedules, feeding, and more.

Bringing Restful Nights to Families

“I haven’t slept this well since my first trimester. I have slept so hard these last few days. I feel like a new person. I haven’t slept more than 4 hours in months. This changed my life. Thank you so much.”


Who is this program for?

Harbor Sleep & Wellness Coaching is for new parents, parents with young kids, and expectant parents.

We can be helpful with most questions you’ll have related to sleep, wellness, and routines for the first several years of your Childs’ life.

Who are the Sleep & Wellness Coaches?

Our team is fully composed of Infant-Care Specialists, Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses, with decades of experience in pediatric sleep training and care. You can rest easy knowing Harbor’s Sleep Coaches are the best in their field.

How are they qualified?

Our Sleep Coaches are hand-selected, thoroughly pre-vetted, and go through extensive training. We maintain exceptionally high standards. We exclusively hire Sleep Coaches that have impressive sleep training experience and have completed NCSA-accredited Newborn Care Specialist Training, while ensuring they possess the best qualities and knowledge.

How do I get a hold of them?

Our Sleep Coaches are available to you via text anytime. Simply send them a message with your sleep, bathtime, infant routine, and nutrition questions. Via our scheduling interface, you can also schedule video chats throughout the month.

How long is their response time?

Less than one hour during normal daytime hours

What exactly can I ask them?

Anything non-medical related. Typical topics cover: breastfeeding/lactation assistance, Postpartum care & wellness, feeding and sleep schedules (including naps and daytime support), formula & nutrition, bathtime routines, baby equipment (car seats, bottles, etc), teething, etc.

  • Harbor does not consult or discuss medical related concerns (example: fevers, rashes, coughs, illnesses, etc.)
  • Harbor parents will be provided with a liability waiver that makes it clear that our sleep consultant doesn’t diagnose medical conditions or give medical advice. If you have questions that are medical in nature, please consult your Pediatrician

Will Harbor provide any additional resources for my family?

Yes! Harbor will provide you with safe sleep schedules. Your Sleep Expert will discuss your baby, their current routine, feeding schedule and more to personalize sleep training for your family.

Can I FaceTime or Video Chat instead of text?

Absolutely. The first interaction after signing up for Rest Easy will be a video call with your dedicated Sleep Coach. You may also request FaceTimes with them during your coaching via our scheduling interface.

What if there is an emergency and I need assistance immediately?

Harbor Sleep Experts do NOT consult/give advice on medical emergencies. In the event of an emergency, please call 911.

Do you offer physical in-home Night Nanny Services?

We can connect you with our vetted and trusted partners in select cities. Contact us for more information.

Is this really only $9/month?

It really is only $9/month. We believe in the power of safe and good sleep. Science shows that better sleep is the foundation for health and happiness. We're here to help you get all of it.

Can I cancel at any time?

No commitments. Ever. Cancel at anytime through your account on

How do I update my billing information?

Login to your account on and navigate to billing.